New Q and A interview now available

I’m participating in the Read It and Reap program hosted by the Shut Up and Read! Group on  They posted my Q and A session on their blog today and will have free copies of Frankenstein A Life Beyond available in exchange for reviews on June 11th!  Check out my interview and other blog entries … Read more

Vote today

Vote for Frankenstein A Life Beyond by June 1st, check out some other independent authors, and maybe score a free summer read. What could be easier?

Diagnosing Dialogue Disasters

Writers don’t set out to create bad dialogue for their characters; in fact, most of us try to edit our way out of potential dialogue disasters but let’s face it, we’ve all read or heard some pretty cringe worthy examples.  Bad dialogue can undermine your story, make your characters look boring or stupid, and even … Read more

Considering the Power of Myth

I recently watched (thanks to Netflix streaming- but this is also available in local libraries, can be ordered from various online sources, and is posted on Youtube) a documentary film called Mythic Journeys. In a time when media and sometimes society as a whole seems to be awash in “much ado about nothing” it offered … Read more

New interview and other updates

I recently completed a new interview which has been posted at The Official Page of Justin Bienvenue- Interviews: Justin had some fun questions and is actively seeking authors who are interested in being interviewed or have news to share.  He did a great job of tailoring his questions and has a host of other … Read more

Happy New Year!

My best wishes to all as we enter a new year together.  A sincere and heartfelt thank you for everyone who has contributed to or taken an interest in my work and in Enceladus Literary and the Hindsight is 20-20 podcast this year.  Looking forward to meeting new authors, readers, and continuing my writing and … Read more

New review of Frankenstein A Life Beyond on Amazon

Thank you Anita of the Kindle Book Review for posting this review.  It is greatly appreciated 🙂  As a debut author this is very exciting because it is my first official book review.  The text of the review is posted below. ________________________________________________________________ “Frankenstein-A Life Beyond” by Pete Planisek’s is a follow-up to the memorable classic … Read more

5 Ways to Study Comedic Timing

Our newest guest blogger is hard at work on several writing projects and has some insights to share on how children’s authors can create comedic characters who connect to young readers.  Enjoy! ************************************************************* H.C. Ablewick is an aspiring Middle Grade Fiction author who loves large paper clips and anything made from glass. 5 Ways to … Read more