Classic Story of Frankenstein Given New Life

Columbus, OH

Nearly 200 years after British author Mary Shelley bid her “hideous progeny go forth and prosper” her allegorical tale, Frankenstein, continues with the release of a new ebook titled Frankenstein A Life Beyond by Pete Planisek.  Available beginning August 1, 2012, this novel is the first direct sequel to Mary Shelly’s iconic story, which examined Victor Frankenstein’s quest to both create and kill an unnamed creature that ultimately destroys all but one member of the Frankenstein family, Victor’s brother, Ernest.

Frankenstein A Life Beyond is set ten years after the events in Shelley’s novel and explores many of the issues left open by the original, while establishing new characters and mysteries.  The story details Ernest’s efforts to craft a new life in spite of demons, both internal and external, from his past, which refuse to be at peace and ultimately endanger both he and his new family. “While it has elements of romance, mystery, history, and horror in it, I really see this as a story about the importance of family,” Planisek states.  “The narrative challenges the reader to explore how a legacy of victimization, the nature of grief, love, trust in family, the need for hope, the pursuit of justice, and friendships shape our lives and alternately create and destroy us.”

Frankenstein A Life Beyond is Pete Planisek’s debut novel and the first publication released by his new ebook publishing company, Enceladus Literary LLC.  He plans to release two more Frankenstein books within the next several years.  Additional details and copies of his ebook Frankenstein A Life Beyond (ISBN 9780985098209) can be found at: or purchased online through (including sites in several European countries), and Barnes &

Enceladus Literary LLC specializes in the publication of ebooks and provides publication assistance to both new and established authors who are interested in joining the new age of ebook publishing.


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