The Violence of Reason by Pete Planisek

As spring returns to Norway in 1942, Norill Haugen, a spy in the Norwegian resistance movement, barely recognizes her once quiet life. Two years of Nazi occupation, aided by the collusion of those loyal to the illegitimate government of Vidkun Quisling, a German sympathizer, has divided her country and brought untold suffering and strife. But the arrival of Gerntz, a Nazi soldier, will change everything. Her spy ring compromised, Norill will soon find that the war has truly come home as the line between friend, foe, and family blends and shatters them all.

The Violence of Reason explores the complexity of loyalty and relationships in a time of war. In order to survive, Norill must try to solve a thrilling mystery that can only bring about the downfall of those she loves and that will, perhaps, destroy herself. Betrayed, alone, and on the run, Norill must challenge all she has ever known as powerful forces converge and summon her and her nation toward either a dark fate or freedom.

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About the Author

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Pete Planisek lives in Columbus, OH, where he teaches English, runs Enceladus Literary LLC, and is co-host of an entertainment podcast called Hindsight is 20-20. He received his Masters from Ohio University where he founded a student literary arts magazine called Recently Eclipsed. He has published newspaper articles, short stories, poetry, and is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.  He served for seven years as adviser/co-adviser to a NCTE award-winning student literary arts publication. 

He has two published works in his Resurrection Trinity series titled Frankenstein A Life Beyond (Book 1 of 3) and Frankenstein Soul’s Echo (Book 2 of 3) and won a 2016 Silver Honoree IBPA Benjamin Franklin Digital Book Award for his children’s fantasy book titled Princess Bella and the Dragon’s Charm. The Violence of Reason is his third novel.

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