Designing your dream library

For my first post of 2014, I’d like to take a few moments to fantasize about creating that dream library you’ve always had in the back of your mind.

Despite the fact that you’re on an ebook publishing site (the foundation of which is the idea of literature as both portable and immediately accessible) I personally believe that printed books will continue to exist for years to come. There is a tangible quality to books that too many of us find personal value in to ever allow the printed word to completely vanish from our lives. More of our literature may be consumed electronically but there is nothing like smell and texture of the paper between our fingers, the ritual of finding the ideal spot to settle down in to read, and let’s face it empty bookshelves look a little depressing.

So with all that being said, how does one go about creating a library at home?

First you may want to check out links to the following design sites. Some of these designs may be more detailed and pricy than you’re ever likely to pursue but part of the fun should be dreaming big. Check out some “jaw dropping” ideas and some interesting ideas to consider.

While dreaming big is fun we also need to balance this with more practical elements as well. I think this site does a nice job of covering the basics.

Whether you are a novice or a professional there are a host of resources that can help you make your dream a reality.  This link offers you a good place to start by directing you to others who share your passion and providing you with FREE resources.

Think big, think practical, and happy reading!