Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

Now that the sparklers have been lit, confetti tossed, and champagne uncorked all that remains is the journey ahead. 2014 will forever hold its own memories, accomplishments, challenges, and failures but a new year offers new opportunities and this one promises to be an interesting trip around the sun.

First, as I’ve been asked repeatedly if Book 2 is ever coming out, I’m very happy to answer that 2015 will definitely see its release. In fact, the only factor that’s been holding things up is the three to five month lag of the U.S. Copyright Office. As January is month four of that window, I’m hopeful the status will stop being frozen as “pending” and will at last say “completed.” I’ll of course keep you posted.

I also have been making arrangements for a bit more formal release for Book 2. Will be able to say more the closer I get to the actual publication of the book. For now, I’m keeping fingers crossed and playing the waiting game.

I’m very pleased to announce my partnership with an illustrator who is hard at work creating the visuals for several children’s books that have been long-standing projects in and of themselves. It is always wonderful when two people can share an artistic vision for a project. If all goes smoothly, we might have the opportunity to release our first children’s book before the end of the year.

Our Hindsight is 20-20 podcast continues to entertain. Hope to do another guest episode or two this year. Subscribe to hear our thoughts on a host of film and television shows: http://www.enceladusliterary.com/?page_id=43

As always I’ve got more projects underway, including completing a draft of Book 3, that will be fun to continue developing. I’m looking forward to continuing meeting more new writers and artists this year and hope to be able to share their creative efforts with you.