Frankenstein Soul’s Echo (Book 2 of 3) The Resurrection Trinity by Pete Planisek

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Frankenstein Soul’s Echo Book 2 Sample Chapter – Pete Planisek

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Product Description:

Ernest Frankenstein continues to unravel the dark legacy of his ill-fated brother, Victor, and must decide if he should fight against or join his brother’s unholy creation, who views Ernest as family. Locked away in an isolated Arctic prison, the fate of five Wild Rose clan women prisoners, including their people’s powerful yet troubled young Seer, Baseria, hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, Ernest’s mysterious sister-in-law, Abrielle, a French Imperial spy, has sworn to rescue her niece, Tara Frankenstein, from a band of gypsy kidnappers. To do so, she’ll have to outmaneuver Imperial agents, earn the trust of Jack Clerval, and dare befriending an enemy whose betrayal could destroy them all.

As hope fades new forces of darkness will arise and loyalty to family will be put to the ultimate test. Haunted and deeply divided, she and Ernest’s choices will summon the future of humanity and in the end determine the paths of their very souls.

ISBN 978-0-9850982-1-6 (ebook)

ISBN 978-0-9850982-4-7 (print)

Continue the adventure from Frankenstein A Life Beyond (Book 1 of 3) The Resurrection Trinity.

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About the Author:

Author Pete PlanisekPete Planisek lives in Columbus, OH, where he teaches English, runs Enceladus Literary LLC, and is co-host of an entertainment podcast called Hindsight is 20-20. He received his Masters from Ohio University where he founded a student literary arts magazine called Recently Eclipsed. He has published newspaper articles and is a member of Independent Book Publishers Association.  He served for seven years as adviser/co-adviser to a NCTE award winning student literary arts publication.

He has two published works in his Resurrection Trinity series titled Frankenstein A Life Beyond (Book 1 of 3) and Frankenstein Soul’s Echo (Book 2 of 3) and won a 2016 Silver Honoree IBPA Benjamin Franklin Digital Book Award for his children’s fantasy book titled Princess Bella and the Dragon’s Charm.

You can become a fan on Facebook or follow on Twitter @peteplanisek and view his artist profile at

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This work would truly not exist without the love, support, and encouragement of my family and friends.  I owe a special debt of thanks and gratitude to Abby Planisek, Scott Coons, Carol Low, Susan Turley, and Jeff Polak for graciously sharing their time, patience, and skills with me. This novel is dedicated to my family.

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