We’re BACK!!!!

Welcome to our brand new, fully updated website. After a decade of building the old site, lessons learned, and a need to add new functions, I’m proud to say we have arrived.

A great debt of gratitude goes to Scott Coons for making the vision for this new site a reality. Our hope is that this updated site will develop into both a more effective publishing and PR outlet and also serve to build a true artist’s community that celebrates and highlights the rich and diverse efforts of artists and dreamers everywhere.

This is about more than just a fresh coat of paint and new photos (thanks for noticing and bonus points if you recognize any of the locations ;).

Here are a few of the new updates worth checking out and sharing:

  1. A more detailed Services page to get you going with your own publishing dreams and plans.
  2. New merchandise! Enjoy the comfort of a new t-shirt or sip out your new mug by checking out our merchandise page, courtesy of our partner The Long’s Way Home LLC.
  3. A new way to gain both awareness and advertise your own creative efforts and services via the Creative Commons page. Are you the creative type or know someone who is? Stop by the Commons, share the page, or fill in the form to get started today.
  4. New resources for our book club lovers for both titles published by Enceladus Literary as well as other resources updating soon.
  5. Want some exposure for your work but don’t want to pay to publish your Short Stories or Poems? Visit either the Services or Contact Us pages to find out how to get published today!

Our goal is for this site to regularly generate new and exciting content. Join our social media outlets so you don’t miss the fun and exciting new voices, art, author events, discount offers, etc.

More to come … 🙂