Fortune Cookie Sayings for Writers

An interesting notion popped into my head the other day: if I was put in charge of creating fortune cookie sayings for writers (hey, it could happen…) what type of sayings or advice would I include?  I’m sure someone, at some writing conference, somewhere, has already tried this but it seems like a fun idea so why not kick it around. If not, let’s get on this thing.

Before you read my ideas below take a moment to consider what you’d want to say if this challenge was put to you.  Would you go for comedy, sage wisdom, or just something that you can cleverly add “in bed” to the end of? Go get a few cookies for inspiration. Just remember to open the cookie before you eat it this time.

Ideas for Cookie Publications for Writers by Pete Planisek:

Comedy is easy, creating it is hard.

Write for yourself before you write for everyone else.

Mistakes can be divine teachers; now edit them.

All writers have critics; the ones we remember are the ones who didn’t let the critics win.

Inspiration takes many forms, be open to them.

The worst writing I’ve ever done was the story I refused to begin.

If you don’t care about your characters no one else will either.

Write. Edit. Repeat.

Creativity is a river. Treat it as such.

A spirit sustained by curiosity is never hungry.

Reflect upon rejection but do not be ruled by it.

Feedback can bite back or further your dreams. Be ready for either outcome.

There’s no such thing as perfect writing; only perfect procrastination.

A writer’s true purpose is to translate thoughts and emotions.

Writers are like mountain climbers, except for the actual climbing.

A writer reads a fortune cookie as all of the sudden a dark shadow looms over the table…

The best legacy for an author is to inspire another to begin creating.

You will have days when nothing you try seems to work. It just makes tomorrow easier.

In order to succeed you have to allow for the possibility of failure.

Writers are travelers; seek someplace interesting.

Congratulations, you’ve read this. Now go write something.

I put a time limit on this exercise but hopefully you find some wisdom or entertainment in it. Try to create your own list.