Two events happened Wednesday night, one that I largely heard about and one that I witnessed.  The first was the World Series Game 7 loss of the Cleveland Indians to the Chicago Cubs.  The other was a concert at the Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio. I mention both of these because some strange time convergence … Read more

Cooking as a creative process

Cooking as a creative process As a cerebral person, many of my creative endeavors are a reflection of my overworked brain: in poetry every word has been tediously reviewed, researched, and, many times, replaced; Writing for my blog requires planning content, implementing actions, reflecting, writing, reviewing, tagging, and posting. These processes are recursive and sometimes … Read more

Reflections on Creativity Part 1

Quick. Go light a candle. No, it’s fine. I’ll wait…. Seriously. Stop reading this post and go light a candle (maybe one that isn’t in a jar if possible).  It’ll be fine. You don’t even need to keep it with you when you come back to finish reading this. Just keep it away from the … Read more

The Cathedral and the Artist

A statement I often hear when people learn I’ve written a novel (more to come next year 🙂 is, “I could never do anything like that.  It would be too overwhelming to keep track of something that complex.” Another common statement is, “I’d never have the patience or dedication for that type of thing.” Writers … Read more

Fortune Cookie Sayings for Writers

An interesting notion popped into my head the other day: if I was put in charge of creating fortune cookie sayings for writers (hey, it could happen…) what type of sayings or advice would I include?  I’m sure someone, at some writing conference, somewhere, has already tried this but it seems like a fun idea … Read more

5 easy writing exercises

Stuck without a muse?  Creative spirit gone on vacation? At times all writers experience moments of doubt, laziness, or disinterest in their efforts.  We make excuses as to why we’re not working on a story but some times, lets face it, we need a break.  Other projects catch our eye; we want to go on … Read more

Do You See Dragons in the Clouds?

The following post was kindly contributed by special guest blogger and sci-fi/fantasy author Douglas R. Brown. His works include: The Light of Epertase; Legends Reborn, and a werewolf tale with a twist, called Tamed. Doug has recently released the second book in The Light of Epertase series called A Kingdom’s Fall. Do You See Dragons … Read more