5 Ways to Study Comedic Timing

Our newest guest blogger is hard at work on several writing projects and has some insights to share on how children’s authors can create comedic characters who connect to young readers.  Enjoy! ************************************************************* H.C. Ablewick is an aspiring Middle Grade Fiction author who loves large paper clips and anything made from glass. 5 Ways to … Read more

Do You See Dragons in the Clouds?

The following post was kindly contributed by special guest blogger and sci-fi/fantasy author Douglas R. Brown. His works include: The Light of Epertase; Legends Reborn, and a werewolf tale with a twist, called Tamed. Doug has recently released the second book in The Light of Epertase series called A Kingdom’s Fall. Do You See Dragons … Read more

Thurber House program for Young Writers

Hello everyone.  Steven Moore, Associate Director for Donor Relations and Regional Giving, with the Columbus Foundation was kind enough to share a link to this recent news article on the Columbus Underground site, which details the experiences of students who attended a recent session of the Thurber House’s Young Writer’s Studio program.  The program encourages and … Read more

Adventures in audio

In for a penny, in for a pound. So after some research I’ve now ordered a new microphone so I can record and release an audio version of Frankenstein A Life Beyond. Cool. Gulp. Yikes. The prospect of doing this is both a little intimidating and exciting. Fortunately thanks to bouncing around with my choice … Read more


In case you missed it, the Tim Burton cult classic Frankenweenie is getting a fresh new look and wide release in theaters ala Disney on Oct. 5th.  Just another example of Shelley’s enduring grip on the imagination (and pop culture 🙂 Click Frankenweenie to view the trailer.

Support Thurber House and Kenyon College writing programs for young authors

I’m a member of a wonderful group called the Columbus Foundation, which supports a number of charitable efforts (large and small) here in Central Ohio.  They have been kind enough to provide me with links to two organizations that help foster the talent and interests of young authors. One is the Thurber House, which is … Read more

Pussy Riot and the issue of free speech in societies

The ongoing saga of the issues of justice and free speech related to the Russian band Pussy Riot hit a new crescendo in the media yesterday and as a publisher it has captured my attention.  If you are not familiar with the story I’d suggest you read this Yahoo News article before continuing. Prior to … Read more

The Midwest Review

Enceladus Literary is now a featured link in the ebook section of The Midwest Book Review. Find new books, reviews, and all they have to offer by following the links.

News item to share

I’m not endorsing a product here but since we’re all about ebooks thought this might be a piece of news worth sharing. Click the link to go to the news story on Yahoo News: Barnes & Noble cutting Nook tablet prices.

The adventure begins…

Hello.  Took a while but things are finally getting up and running.  Have to say that self-publishing is definitely not for the faint of heart and my hat’s off to everyone who chases this dream (any creative dream).  The process of releasing my first book, from initial idea to actual publication, took eight years.  It’s … Read more