First Author School Event




Thank you so much to the students and staff (especially Karen Sewell) for inviting me today to take part in their young author’s writing conference at Central College Christian Academy.  It was wonderful to play a small part in so many young writers’ journeys as they work on crafting their own short stories for publication as ebooks.

After sharing a delicious taco lunch, the students shared some very creative stories to explain how I broke my foot, were highly engaged by the first few chapters of Princess Bella and the Dragon’s Charm that I read, did a wonderful job of picking up context clues from Elizabeth Nordquest’s great illustrations, and answering questions about the story.

I was happy to share and sign the bookmarks I brought for my enthusiastic audience and very impressed by the brainstorming and feedback we shared during our breakout sessions.  So terrific to hear such creative ideas and I can’t wait to learn where all their imaginative stories will go. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from this talent group of students as they pursue their passion for creative writing and can’t wait to see how this project continues to develop.

Hope to visit again in January!