Reflections on Barnes & Noble Event

For months, my mind has been fixated on April 15th, 2015.  No, not because of taxes but because I had the opportunity to stand before the public at my first author event.  I’m used to speaking in front of people as part of my regular job but this felt different.  As an author a great deal of your time is spent alone writing or talking to small groups of people about your efforts and experiences.  The last thing you want your stories to be is dull.  The same can be said for establishing your persona as an author on stage before any type of crowd.

I decided early on as part of my preparations to take a proactive but flexible approach to the whole affair.  If I wasn’t having fun odds are no one else would.  As an indie author I could create what I wanted so I created some great prints of my book covers (for Frankenstein A Life Beyond and Frankenstein Soul’s Echo) and framed them, designed and printed bookmarks (which turned out fantastic), selected passages from both novels to read, and tried my best to figure out how to articulate my journey (so far) as a writer and ebook publisher. I was fairly happy with what I had to say but it still felt like it was missing something vital to unite it all.  And that’s when it finally hit me. Dreams.

Corny? Maybe.  But also true.

I’ve been able to pursue my dream and I’ve done so in large part because of all the people who have contributed their own time, talent, insights, and support.  My dream has changed me, connected me to others in a unique way, and pushed me to strive for my best because I know others are invested in this dream as well, and given me the chance to learn more about the hopes and talents of many others.

I truly cannot thank Karen Sewell and the Pickerington Barnes & Noble store enough for the opportunity to hold this event and the ongoing support of so many friends and for my wonderful family.  I’m so blessed. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who came and for the well wishes of others.

The early crowd. The “monster” display to the left was fitting for my books.
Action shot of me reading passages from my books in the 100 Acre Woods.
The always terrific Karen Sewell.
Karen gets the crowd prepped both for my talk and Ellie Wiseman’s Barnes & Noble Teacher Award.
Ali and Susan 🙂
With family (well, most of them).
Columbus author Doug Brown.
My Hindsight is 20-20 podcast co-host Greg Otten.
A portion of the audience.
The reception Karen so kindly provided.